Minnesota Supreme Court Rules Al Franken Winner of Senate Race [Updated]


Unanimously voting 5–0, the Supreme Court of Minnesota ruled that Al Franken won the 2008 Senate election and bested his opponent, incumbent Norm Coleman, by 312 out of 2.9 million votes. The judicial body chose to uphold a ruling by a lower court in April that came to the same conclusion. Shortly after, Coleman conceded to his foe, avoiding a further drawn-out fight that would have ended with the U.S. Supreme Court. Franken will now bring the number of Democratic senators to a filibusterproof 60, thereby eliminating the last Republican check to a Democratic executive- and (provided they stay unified) legislative-branch tour de force. It is now the largest majority the Democrats have held in the Senate in a generation.

Norm Coleman concedes Minnesota Senate race to Al Franken [Politico]
Minnesota court rules in favor of Al Franken [Politico]
*This post has been modified to reflect news updates.