Nation’s Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan


Tomorrow, the Obama administration's plan to regulate the financial industry will be introduced to Congress, who will surely have a lot to say about it. But meanwhile, another war is brewing: According to The Onion, the recession has prompted the nation's girlfriends to propose a massive restructuring plan in which at least 2 million couples would finally move in together. The girlfriends are touting their plan as a pure cost-saving measure, according to their congressional testimony:

It's not even about wanting to live together, even though a lot of us have been with our boyfriends for one to three years and everyone says we are the perfect couple. It's because it just doesn't make sense in a recession for two people who love each other to spend money on separate rents.

Their boyfriends have countered by suggesting alternative ways of trimming the budget, such as:

"Get normal soap."
"Cut extraneous brunches."

Who will win? In our experience, no one. But the video is great.