NH Legislature Passes Marriage-Equality Bill: Governor to Sign Today [Updated]


While New York state senators were busy talking smack to one another, the New Hampshire State Senate and House of Representatives passed an updated marriage-equality bill. The bill had been delayed after Governor John Lynch rejected a similar one that was passed two weeks ago, arguing for further religious protections. The State House of Representatives originally rejected Lynch’s additions, but a compromise has been reached and approved by both bodies. Lynch has said he will sign the bill this afternoon, making New Hampshire the fifth New England state, and the sixth in the country, to recognize weddings between same-sex couples. It is the second state, after Maine, to do so with both houses of the state legislature and the governor onboard.

Same-sex marriage will soon be law in NH [Manchester Union-Leader]
Update: It’s signed. Gay couples will be able to legally wed in New Hampshire starting January 1 of next year.