Obama Aides Still Leery of Hillary Sneak Attack


An excerpt from Richard Wolffe’s forthcoming book on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign — which Obama personally requested Wolffe write — reveals that Obama had made the decision to offer secretary of State to Hillary Clinton “surprisingly early,” even before the primaries ended (and therefore easily predating much of that Hillary-as-VP speculation that the Obama campaign let foment). He knew that, despite the hard feelings in both camps, Hillary “possessed the qualities to carry his diplomacy to the rest of the world,” and he didn’t worry much about her and her husband’s famous ambition. But others on Team Obama are still waiting for the moment when Hillary tries to bring down the entire administration, or something. “There are plenty who don’t trust her and think she still harbors something,” a senior adviser says. “It’s still potentially problematic down the road.” Sigh. That was one tough primary.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT FROMRENEGADE’ - Obama On Clinton Pick: “I’m Not Begging Her To Take This Job” [HuffPo]