Obama Indulges Frail, Human Reporters


Today, President Obama was expected to discuss Iran, health-care reform, and energy reform at his inaugural Rose Garden press conference. He’ll still be talking about all those things — but inside, in the notoriously rose-deficient Brady Briefing Room. So why the change? Supposedly, it’s because it’ll be 86 degrees outside and Obama “might have sweated in the summer humidity.” Of course, that’s an utter lie. Either due to a monklike ability to regulate his own body temperature or a chance genetic mutation, President Obama is incapable of sweating. He doesn’t sweat out of nervousness, nor when playing pick-up basketball. Unfortunately for Obama, the feeble White House press corp is pathetically prone to perspire when confronted with extreme heat. And they write the articles, so, indoors it is.

Not letting POTUS sweat [Politico]