Paterson Wins in Appeal to Make Senators Sit Down Together


This afternoon an appellate judge upheld yesterday’s State Supreme Court ruling that when Governor Paterson mandates a special session of the State Senate, every single senator from both parties has to actually show up. At the same time. So another session has been called by the governor for seven this evening, and everyone will have to be in the same room together. Since neither party recognizes the leadership of the other party, neither will regard anything accomplished in this session as legitimate. And so nothing will get done, again, and at midnight tonight Mayor Bloomberg’s legal authority to run our school system will expire, and nobody will be in charge, and summer-school kids will get to realize their childish dreams of running around in open fire hydrants and sticking bubble gum on the seats of public buses rather than getting the extra schooling and self-discipline they need to get ahead in life.* Thanks a lot, senators.

An Appellate Win For Paterson: No Stay [NYDN]
*This is a slight exaggeration. In the vacuum of leadership coming from upstate, the mayor has said that, at least for now, school will just continue on as though someone were actually in charge up there.