Pedro Espada Has a Solution to a Divided Albany


After Republicans rejected Governor Paterson’s offer to help run the Senate in order to get key legislation passed before the end of the session next week, and after they also rejected a proposal to form a bi-partisan scheduling committee to achieve the same goal, turncoat Democrat Pedro Espada has come up with a solution! It’s so simple, really. Since he’s president pro tempore of the Senate, according to Espada himself, he’s also acting lieutenant governor. In the case of a split, the lieutenant governor gets to cast the tie-breaking vote, so: Espada should have two votes! Sure, just because the president pro tempore is second in line for the governorship like the lieutenant governor doesn’t mean he is the lieutenant governor — but this solution is so easy, who cares? Why didn’t we think of this before? Give ultimate deciding power to the guy who betrayed his own party and the voters who elected him, turned his back on issues he promised to support, and who is under ever-increasing probes by local and state prosecutors. Thank God we have people like Pedro Espada to come up with simple time-saving solutions for us up in Albany. Otherwise, nothing would ever get done.