People Want to Picnic With Bloomberg, Obviously


A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Mayor Bloomberg is still popular, still on track to handily beat presumed Democratic nominee Bill Thompson, and still able to freely spend his fortune on his reelection campaign without really pissing anyone off too much. Meanwhile, 63 percent of New Yorkers don’t know enough about Comptroller Thompson to form an opinion on him, which may explain why whites, blacks, and Hispanics all overwhelmingly said they’d rather picnic with Bloomberg than Thompson. Well, either that, or they’ve just heard about the over-the-top, circuslike Bloomberg corporate picnics — possibly involving llama-petting, human-size hamster balls, and bad karaoke — that happen every summer. Which doesn’t really seem fair.

Q Poll: Bloomberg Leads, But His Spending Is ‘Overkill’ [Daily Politics/NYDN]