Layoffs at the Observer (UPDATED)


Longtime Observer editor Peter Kaplan’s good-bye party two days ago turned out to be the last hurrah for some Observer staffers. New editor-in-chief Tom McGeveran is handing out pink slips at the pink paper as we type. We don’t yet know names or numbers, but our source says, “There’s a big list, apparently.” Sadder still? The amount of severance pay the paper’s owner, young swell Jared Kushner, has set aside for employees: It seems as though they get just “one week of severance per year” of service.

UPDATE: Gawker has a list of some of the people let go, although we hear these are just the people who were working in the office.

Matt Haber
Spencer Morgan
Doree Shafrir
Chris Shott
Peter Stevenson
John Vorwald
George Gurley