A Grade School Accidentally Showed a Bunch of Kids a Porno


A couple of weeks ago at P.S. 17 in Williamsburg, teachers gathered together five classes of children, ranging in age from kindergarten to fifth grade, to watch Camp Rock, a Disney Channel movie starring the Jonas Brothers, in the auditorium. But apparently, someone had switched the DVD, and the kids were treated to a viewing of Camp Cock instead.

The kindergartners, first-graders and fifth-graders were exposed to a topless woman and sex acts in the 45 seconds the obscene clip played on the jumbo screen — as shocked teachers screamed, "Don't look at it!" and frantically tried to turn it off.

Hahahahahaha — sorry. We personally find this hilarious. But according to the Post, many of the parents did not. "My daughter is 6 years old; she doesn't need to see that," one huffed to the paper. "I don't even like to kiss in front of her because I think she's too young." Okay, first of all, that's weird, and extremely naïve: These kids are 6 years old and live in New York City! They've probably known about pearl necklaces and waxing since at least nursery school. Secondly, this is the kind of incident that memories are made of. Those kids will be able to talk about the time they saw porn in school for the next twelve years. It's a bonding experience! We'd like to suggest these parents redirect their outrage to the more obvious problem: Why were these kids watching the freaking Jonas Brothers in school? Isn't the whole point of sending kids that age to school to tire them out so you can plop them in front of the TV at home? Maybe we just misunderstand how parenting works, who knows.