Rudy Giuliani Will Save New York!


As the childish pandemonium in Albany continues to drag on, at least one man is working to create a brighter future for New York. That man, as you no doubt already deduced from the headline of this post, is potential gubernatorial candidate Rudy Giuliani. In a Times op-ed today, Giuliani calls for a state constitutional convention to “take a long hard look at our problems and then propose real, lasting solutions.” His timetable is a little off — he somehow hopes that the state legislature could approve a measure authorizing the convention in the next few weeks — but his suggested reforms aren’t bad, if also not entirely original. Especially in this political climate, when voters are likely tiring of the entire 62-member Senate, term limits and an end to incumbent-friendly gerrymandering sound like no-brainers. A clear-cut line of succession for lieutenant governor would ensure that a tie-breaking vote is always available to end a 31–31 Senate deadlock. And boosting judicial pay? Sure, why not. We don’t think demanding a supermajority for raising taxes is a great idea, unless we’re trying to trade our government dysfunction for California’s. But if Giuliani can actually get the ball rolling on a constitutional convention, perhaps New York’s liberal electorate will forgive the fact that he has disowned his gay friends, kind of hates President Obama, and pals around with Sarah Palin.

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