Secretaries of the Treasury: They’re Just Like Us!


Looks like someone's getting a stimulus package!

At 8:30 a.m. Monday — a half hour before he was scheduled to speak at the Time Warner Economic Summit — Geithner pulled up in a dark blue SUV around the corner from the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan. From inside a Starbucks across the way, I watched Geithner pop out of the back seat and walk briskly across 60th Street into the Starbucks, followed by two men (presumably his security detail). The line was at least ten people deep. But Geithner stood by himself in the queue with everyone else and focused on his BlackBerry until it was his turn to order and pay. If anyone recognized the Treasury Secretary, they didn’t make a fuss. I wasn’t nosy enough to find out what Geithner likes for his morning caffeine fix, but when he showed up to be interviewed by Time magazine’s managing editor, Richard Stengel, Geithner was still clutching his cup o’ joe. The caffeine must have helped Geithner stay sharp as Stengel tried to get him to reveal details of the financial market reorganization plan that President Obama is unveiling on Wednesday.

Emphasis ours, because really, CNN? If you're going to do this kind of reporting, at least own it. Don't chicken out on us at the crucial moment. You people have a lot to learn from Access Hollywood.

Geithner’s Caffeine Fix [Money & Main St./CNN via Dealbreaker]