Senators Just Barely Refrain From Fisticuffs, Unfortunately


What have our state senators been up to recently besides paying themselves for not passing any bills? Nearly beating the hell out of each other! Proving that they truly are about as useless as a gaggle of bickering schoolchildren, the Daily News reports that during a particularly heated closed-door negotiating session yesterday, Senator “Two Votes” Espada and Senator Jeffrey “Jeff” Klein almost came to blows. One source said Espada wanted to “duke it out,” to which Klein responded, “Let’s go!” Later, Espada claimed he “was going to kick [Klein’s] ass.” But cooler heads intervened and split up the fight before anything happened. Which, let’s face it, is unfortunate. The Senate is deadlocked, with no settlement in sight. Something like an extralegal street brawl, with all 62 senators, is clearly what’s needed here. They can even sell tickets, with the proceeds reimbursing New Yorkers for the $3,570,460 they’ve wasted on these past two weeks of nonsense.

Tempers flare between Sens. Pedro Espada and Jeff Klein as Albany stalemate continues [NYDN]