Simon Doonan Is an Obese Elf Living in a Palatial Gay Fantasia


Remember those Japanese cartoons that triggered seizures in small children? We think this week’s “Talk of the Town” with Simon Doonan might trigger LSD flashbacks. Not that we would know. We’re just saying, proceed with caution: “‘Palatial gay fantasia’ is how Simon Doonan described his apartment in Greenwich Village the other night, as he swept past two garden gnomes crouching under a bright-orange lacquered console in the foyer. ‘Glamorous romper room,’ he continued, heading toward a paisley-patterned Ping-Pong table in the living room. ‘Because Johnny and I are very infantile.’ Nesting on bookshelves and tabletops were scores of ceramic animals designed by Doonan’s spouse, the homeware baron Jonathan Adler. (’I’m just a simple potter!’ Adler insisted.) A burlap bust of Napoleon was tucked into the fireplace, and about a fifth of the room was taken up by a huge black statue of a foot.” Also: “Adler frequently refers to Doonan as an ‘obese elf.’” Reeling. [NYer]