‘Sometimes Life Here Can Feel Kaleidoscopic, Like a Bad Acid Trip of Human Personalities’


Making friends in New York can be hard. It's especially hard if you're a gentle soul, someone who has been taken advantage of in the past. Like this woman who has taken her search for a few good platonic female friends to Craigslist: "Sometimes life here can feel kaleidoscopic, with ever-changing people shifting in and out of your life, almost like a bad acid trip of human personalities," the anonymous writer ruminates in an epic post that eventually swells into 4,000 words. Here's what she isn't looking for in a pal:

"Bitchiness, cattiness, cruelty, liars, “attitudes”, condescension, anyone who would “ditch” someone on NYE or ever, who views friends or people as disposable, judgment, competition, unnecessary criticism or veiled personal attacks, people only looking for a “going out buddy” or “filler” friend, people who would not include me (once friendship-approved) in birthday parties and celebrations, people who think seeing a shrink is for “psychos” ... people who are too “normal”, people who gang up on others, people who already have 10 million friends, people who have a problem with the fact that I grew up *upper middle class, and/or people who "hate the rich", people who have a problem with the fact that I am currently (very) lower middle class, and only working part-time at the moment (not really by choice), snobs, people chasing the upper crust lifestyle, anyone who would criticize the underemployed or unemployed given the current state of our economy, people who think having a car is betraying urbanity (I've lived in nyc for 10 years, am a native ny'er and was carless for a few of those, so...), people who would rudely snivel up their nose when looking at my car because it's old (it’s happened), people who are too into appearances in general (looks/clothes as personality) people who are not intending to settle in nyc…I have to add, NO OVERACHIEVERS/ PERFECTIONISTS (accomplished is fine), "walking resumes", or heavy social climbers. PLEASE NO ANOREXICS/EATING DISORDERED PEOPLE (I think that's a reflection of other, deeper, internal issues)."

Oh, and awesomely:


Straight, White, Intellectual, Artsy,Over-educated Underachiever seeks - w4w - 29 (KIND hippies, artists, non-normals) [Craigslist]