Steve Brill’s Clear Airport Fast-Lane Company Shut Down


So you know how we hate air travel? Well, the whole system just got a little more painful — the Clear registered traveler program, the company launched by former media mogul Steve Brill that created fast lanes to get through airport security around the country, has shut down. Lanes everywhere are already closed, and employees have been let go. The over 150,000 subscribers now will have to wait in line with everyone else, waiting for that person who just bought booze at duty free to get in the millionth fight over a little bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

On a related note, this weekend, Intel Chris’s flight to Chicago was delayed and then canceled altogether, meaning that he basically traveled all the way to LaGuardia and back during rush hour for two glasses of Chardonnay. We’d chalk this off as a loss, except did you know Wendy’s has new boneless chicken wings? In three different sauces, including Sweet & Spicy Asian?

Steve Brill’s Clear Card Gets Grounded [Media Memo/AllThingsD]