Store Clerk With a Heart of Gold Sold Bongs of Glass


Mohammad “Mo” Sohail has been basking in his fifteen minutes since word has spread of the extraordinary compassion he showed toward a bat-wielding robber earlier this week. He’s conducted dozens of interviews with news outlets as far-flung as London and Germany, and people are coming into his store just to give him a hug and thank him. But what was it that led Mo to show such forgiveness on the day that made him a hero? Perhaps he felt the need to atone for sins of his own. Unbeknownst to everyone over these past few days of approbation is that the day before he gave $40 and a loaf of bread to a would-be thief, Mo was busted by the police for selling “illegal drug paraphernalia” like bongs and pipes in violation of town code. Oh, the shame! Mo told Newsday that after the raid, which also targeted six other stores in the area, “I threw everything in the garbage. I don’t want it anymore.” So maybe Mo felt a little guilty for running afoul of the law, and saw in this hungry, desperate man a chance for redemption. And redemption he has certainly found. Although, if he’s still feeling altruistic, there are probably plenty of people willing to rummage through his trash for a free bong.

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