Suri Cruise to Move to the West Village?


Looks like James Wilkie Broderick and the rest of New York’s double-celebrity children are going to have some competition. The Village Voice theorizes this afternoon, mostly based on the testimony of a loose-lipped doorman, that Suri Cruise might be moving to New York permanently. Even though it was reported in October of last year that her parents were buying up apartments in the East Village’s Felt Building (Tom Cruise has held an apartment there for years), the places were not linked and were scattered throughout the building. While it’s not listed who purchased the $15 million brownstone on West 12th Street near Fifth Avenue, and everyone involved signed a confidentiality agreement, and Cruise’s reps denied it, the doorman’s hints seem unignorable. “I can tell you the owner won’t be there much because he’ll be filming in LA a lot, and I can tell you he bought the house for his wife, who was in a Broadway show,” he told the Voice. “But I can’t tell you who it is. I could lose my job.” Yeah. Good luck with that.*

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Moving to the Village? [Runnin’ Scared/VV]
*In all fairness, this description could apply to a number of celebrity couples, including Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, soon-to-be-married Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, and heteronormative gays Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.