Susanne Bartsch Was Asked to Be on Real Housewives of NYC


Gossip goddess Michael Musto reports on his blog “La Daily Musto” that Susanne Bartsch, club kid and wife to muscle-bound gym magnate David Barton, was asked to be on The Real Housewives of New York City. Musto, who is the monarch butterfly to our gay caterpillar, doesn’t explain much about the offer, except that Bartsch turned it down because “she’d rather do something with intelligence and some meaning.” Apparently she’s working on such a project on her own at the moment. We can’t wait to read Musto’s column, because this seems so out of the realm of possibility that it might actually be true. And if so, what a missed opportunity! Bartsch became a legend in the eighties with her parties at Copacabana, and is known for giving club kids a place to rally every Sunday night at her insane and energetic party Vandam at Greenhouse. Look at the woman. Having that interact with Ramona Singer and (we actually squeaked when we imagined this) Kelly Killoren Bensimon? We could watch that every night for the rest of our lives.

Club Queen Turns Down Reality Show [Daily Musto/VV]