Television Drove Nice Midwestern Couple to Treason


Gwendolyn and Kendall Myers, the septuagenarian couple who were arrested earlier this month for passing classified information to the Cuban government back in the eighties, were not motivated to treason by money. Rather, the weed-growing, environmentally conscious pair was like the hippie version of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, disillusioned by the American government and committed to the good-in-theory, bad-in-practice Communist cause. But what drove them to take such extreme action? This morning's Times offers a clue:

Mr. Myers’s diary described watching the television news as a “radicalizing experience”

Really? The news? Like Peter Jennings and Connie Chung? We're just glad that this happened back in the eighties. Imagine how this couple would have felt watching The Hills.

Couple’s Capital Ties Said to Veil Spying for Cuba [NYT]