The Night Countess Dorota Met Countess De Lesseps


As you may know, Daily Intel has an eclectic collection of obsessions. Very occasionally, some of these disparate worlds collide, and when they do, it is a rare and beautiful thing. Like that time President Obama mentioned Gossip Girl in a town-hall meeting. And today, when a reader sent us this photo from Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’s Facebook page, in which she is pictured with Dorota, Blair’s handmaiden and the stealth heroine of Gossip Girl. We e-mailed Dorota, a.k.a. actress Zuzanna Szadkowski, to find out how this amazing moment came to be: “Best thing ever!” she replied.

“Last night at the Do Something Awards at the Apollo, I presented an award, and the Countess and Victoria were in attendance. I heard that she was there and sought her out, only to find that she and her daughter actually knew of Dorota!”

Aw. Dorota is so modest. Of course they’ve heard of her! She’s way more famous than they are.

Aw. Dorota is so modest. Of course they’ve heard of her! She’s way more famous than they are.

She went on:

I never really got around to talking about how Rosie is a real Dorota and how Dorota is a Countess too (as was my plan). However, Countess De Lesseps was very nice to me and said my award introduction was very “natural,” so I continue to brag about that to everyone. The two of them were so tall and gorgeous that my friend and I were agog. Ramona and Mario were there as well, but I missed them and am still kicking myself for that. I am so psyched to know she put it on her Facebook page!

Wait, she met the Countess, and the Countess gave her unsolicited feedback on her performance? That’s about perfect. Now all we need is a picture of the Sad Panda cuddling Vikram Pandit, and our lives will be complete.