The Second Installment of NBC ‘Inside the White House,’ Starring Bo Obama


There were a lot of important people featured in the second installment of NBC’s Inside the White House special (Michelle, Barack, Sasha, Malia, Valerie Jarrett, the White House chef), but by far the one who stole the show was Bo Obama, the First Family’s Portuguese water dog puppy. We learned several things last night about the Most Important Puppy in the World. Here are some of them:

1. He is extremely well behaved. Much like Robert Gibbs, he will sit, bark, and shake hands at the command of the president.
2. He is sleepy. Because he expends so much energy at all times frolicking thinking about how to save the American economy, like Larry Summers, he occasionally falls asleep in the middle of conversations. Of course, when Bo did it on Michelle’s foot, it was adorable and not creepy.

3. He needs to be kept on a leash at all times. Even though he is well behaved, Michelle Obama has to have him on a leash. The White House may be a residence, as Brian Williams pointed out, but it’s also a museum. You can’t have a giant puppy careening around with so much American history at risk. It occurred to us that Barack Obama should look into a similar setup with Joe Biden.
4. He uses his own adorableness to get the press to fawn all over him. See below video. He learned that from watching dad.
5. Michelle is tired of having to drag him around. Barack got brownie points with a nation of kids and dog owners by getting a puppy for his daughters as compensation for enduring the campaign and a life of scrutiny, but Michelle’s the one who has to deal with the damn thing. You can tell by her face in various clips that this is not her favorite First Lady duty. But let’s not forget, Bo knows how to shake hands — we’re pretty sure she’ll warm to him when he takes over for her in greeting tour groups and foreign dignitaries.