The Secret to David Pogue's Prolific Success: Being Smarter, Having Better Marriage


Today on his "Pogue's Posts" tech blog, much-beloved Times tech guru David Pogue explains how he is able to "write five books a year, file two columns a week, churn out a daily blog, speak 40 times a year, and film a video every Thursday." Much of his column he devotes to the technology that helps him in all these efforts: Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software; TapIt4Me typing-expansion software; an iData 3 address book; an e-mail folder distribution system; a calendar by Now Up-to-Date; macro software for shortcuts; and, of course, a laptop and Sprint USB cellular modem stick so he can be working online at all times, even while traveling. But the real secret to his efficiency is one you simply can't buy:

I enjoy two luxuries that not everyone will be able to replicate. First, I’m just the sort of person who kind of knows what he wants to say; I can’t remember ever staring at the blank screen, trying to think of what to write. And I’m lucky enough that I don’t spend time on bills, taxes, travel arrangements, kid-activity scheduling, and so on; my sainted wife takes care of all that administrative overhead.

Ah! We knew this was coming. The answer to the question, "Why am I more effective than you?" almost always comes down to: "I am just smarter than you, and I obey key life lessons they stopped teaching after the fifties."

[Pogue’s Posts/NYT]