The State Senate Has Accomplished at Least One Thing Since Last Week


Both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson undermined the State Senate yesterday. Bloomberg did so by slamming Albany at the opening of the Ringling Bros. circus in Coney Island: “Nothing comes close to the circus,” he deadpanned. “Not even Albany.” But Paterson went even further, having a spokesman reveal that the only thing legislative leaders in the State Senate have agreed upon since the GOP rebellion on June 8 was the certification of their own payrolls. “There is a power-sharing agreement, but it only includes getting paid,” Marissa Shorenstein told reporters. “If the leadership of the Senate can agree on a way to keep getting paid, they can reach an agreement to get back to work for the people of New York.”

Meanwhile, the Senate continues to undermine itself: With only one day left (Monday) in the legislative session for this summer, Republicans continue to reject any power-sharing deal with Democrats unless sketchy businessman, turncoat politician, and non-district resident Pedro Espada remains president of the body.

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