The Supreme Court Disagrees With Sotomayor on Race Case


Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled in Ricci v. DeStefano that New Haven should not have scrapped a fire department’s promotion exam just because no African-Americans and only two Hispanics would have made the cut, reversing a ruling made by Sonia Sotomayor on the Court of Appeals. The case was closely watched not only because of the charged subject matter, but because Sotomayor has already been accused of being a reverse racist who thinks Latina women are the cat’s pajamas. Detractors of Sotomayor are obviously pleased (Michelle Malkin’s extremely predictable reaction: “Sotomayor = Not so wise now”), but supporters can also take comfort in the fact that four Supreme Court justices dissented in the decision, meaning Sotomayor is still in good company.

Justices Rule for White Firefighters in Bias Case [NYT]