There’s Something Familiar About This Gay-Exorcism Video


Perhaps you’ve seen this disturbing videotape from Bridgeport, Connecticut, of members of the Manifested Glory Ministries trying to exorcise “homosexual demons” from the body of a 16-year-old boy. The procedure goes on and on, and while it doesn’t appear that anyone physically harms the young man, he seems to be in some sort of serious pain or struggle. According to the Post, gay and youth advocates are calling this abuse. It’s our view that anything that makes a young person terrified and ashamed about their own identity is abuse, though whether this can legally be labeled as such we’ll leave to someone else. But as we watched this video, something struck us. In the background, we’re pretty sure the church keyboardist is playing “Home,” from The Wiz. Now, if that isn’t a mixed message for that poor boy, we don’t know what is.