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This Is Out of Line

As if Vikram Pandit doesn't have enough things to feel bad about, Felix Salmon at Reuters is now picking on him. Today he ran a picture of the Citigroup CEO "sporting a double chin of Larry Summers proportions," sniping:

Maybe the real question shouldn’t be whether Pandit’s good for Citi, but rather whether Citi is good for Pandit.


This is totally unfair. First of all, clearly, this is a terrible angle. And even if Vikram has gained a few pounds, it might be because he has moved to a more corn-intensive diet as part of the "new reality," and therefore he should be applauded, not chagrined. Overall, uncalled for. We're having a slow Friday, too, but that doesn't mean we're going to point out that whenever we look at Felix Salmon's head shot we're reminded of a spider monkey.

What's Citi doing to Pandit? [Felix Salmon/Reuters]