Time Rushes Commemorative Michael Jackson Issue for Monday


While many newsweeklies — The New Yorker, Newsweek, New York — go to press late in the week, Time closes on Wednesdays. Which means that Time’s latest issue, on stands today and featuring an oh-so-exciting-looking FDR cover, misses the boat on covering the Michael Jackson storm. So while the FDR issue is on stands now, the magazine is scrambling to put out a “special commemorative issue” on MJ, to hit newsstands on Monday. The issue, which will cost $5.99, is being published in addition to the regular issue; staffers are rushing to meet the Saturday-night deadline, having had an “all-hands-on-deck meeting” regarding the change in plans this morning, according to a source at the publication. Time has done this sort of thing before, to good effect: Its commemorative issue of Princess Diana sold more than 1.1 million copies domestically.