Times Company ‘Does Not Foresee’ Closing Globe


After the 700-member Boston Newspaper Guild rejected the New York Times Company’s offer of a new contract conceding wage and other benefit cuts, the company made a pay cut of 23 percent, helping them achieve $10 million in savings. Combined with $10 million saved from other contract renegotiations, that brings the total amount of cuts to the level the company had said, in April, they could proceed with without shutting down the paper. While this is a good thing for the temporary future of the paper, reporters have written to Times Company CEO Arthur Sulzberger, saying that they know he doesn’t want them to take a 23 percent pay cut. “We’re asking you to call off the lawyers, head off a bitter fight, and come forward with a plan that would attract a bit more support from the Guild.” But from the company’s standpoint, this sounds like a done deal.

Times Co. does not foresee closing Globe [Boston Globe]
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