Tony Avella Has ‘Lips Like Julia Roberts’


Today long-shot mayoral candidate Tony Avella received a key endorsement on the steps of City Hall, where he held a press conference in support of the FIT Kids Act. He brought along fitness expert Richard Simmons, who didn't know Avella, but said that when he got the call requesting his help, he said yes "because he always says yes," reports the Times. Simmons endorsed Avella for mayor, though his support was a little diluted when he also praised Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to get kids healthy. Still, he gave Avella lots of compliments:

Mr. Avella was no doubt thrilled — most of the time. At one point, Mr. Simmons gushed that Mr. Avella had “lips like Julia Roberts.” You may still be able to [see] remnants of the blushing on Mr. Avella’s face.

Can Mayor Bloomberg or Bill Thompson lay claim to celebrity body parts? We don't think so! (And no, Bloomberg having the lithe ankles of a young Anjelica Huston does not count.)

On Steps of City Hall, Sweat Is Surpassed by Sparkle [City Room/NYT]