Tricky Gay Couple’s Marriage License Revoked


This morning we were amused by the story of wily young Hakim Nelson and Jason Stenson, who were legally married last month in City Hall. Their union is notable because they are both men, and thereby barred from marrying. Hakim, who presents as female, goes by “Kimah” and is labeled as female on his driver’s license — owing to a mistake by a clerk, similar to the one made when a City Hall worker assumed Kimah was a woman, and issued a normal marriage license. They went a few weeks without being detected, but then they decided to talk to the Post about it and pose for a cute, triumphant picture.

Upon learning of the situation, the city today revoked their license and registered them as domestic partners. We kind of like that the pair got away with getting married, but then went public with it as a way to show how ridiculous the whole system is — Kimah is planning on transitioning from male to female, and at that point the pair will be allowed to legally wed, even though really, it’s the same person. We also appreciate that Kimah just wore a simple head wrap for this photo; just because you present as female doesn’t mean that you have to make a statement about it, much less be a drag queen and have a four-foot-tall blue wig and eyelashes so heavy your eyelids get a workout. Though one has to wonder whether if she had dressed that way they’d have gotten the same result at City Hall. We can see it now: “What? Willma Ballsdrop is my real name!”

Gay Couple’s Marriage Revoked; Drag Disguised Gender [1010 WINS]