Vote Tim Murphy for Taxi TV!


Do you know who Sara Gore is? George Oliphant? Pedro Andrade? If so, you are probably among the small but fervent population of New Yorkers who watch Taxi TV. (Daily Intel is in that group, so there’s no judgment coming from us.) While by far our favorite Taxi TV character is Sandy Kenyon, the WABC film critic who talks about every movie as though he hates it, including the ones he actually likes, we have grown to feel as though we know Sara, George, and Pedro. Which is why we are — almost — able to accept that they will be beamed into homes across the greater metropolitan area, every day, from 5 to 6 p.m. on WNBC starting in September. Here’s what you need to know about these three: George is the affable, slightly burly, blond straight dude who talks about travel and food. Pedro is the studly gay who talks about clubs and shopping, and who is required to take his shirt off in every segment. And Sara Gore — oh, Sara Gore. She’s the one who talks about real estate and won’t stop with that incessant swaying back and forth. It’s not like we weren’t made queasy enough by our taxi driver. Anyway, yeah — apparently she’s going to be the anchor of this new evening show, LX New York. We were bemused by this development until we realized the incredible silver lining of having these people removed from our taxis and brought into our homes: That leaves a space for new talent on Taxi TV. And we know just the guy. Tim Murphy can do it all!