Was the TimesDaily Show Segment Good for the Paper?


Someone clearly told the editorial leadership of the New York Times that “All press is good press!” Otherwise, they wouldn’t have submitted themselves to last night’s hilarious — though painful — treatment at the hands of The Daily Show. (They, of all people, really should know that, actually, quite a lot of press is just plain bad.) Executive Editor Bill Keller is an extremely good sport, sitting through a merciless interview with reporter Jason Jones. He manages to appear a bit more deadpan than Rick Berke, who can be seen cracking up and jollily playing along in B-roll shots.The joke, in classic Daily Show form, makes both honest and bogus points. “Point out something in this newspaper that happened today,” Jones asks a flummoxed Berke. Then, also, Jones mocks a phone on a (apparently hard-at-work) reporter’s desk. “A landline phone! Look at me, I’m a reporter from the eighties, making sure everything’s factual!” he cracks. “Ugh, you guys are like a walking Colonial Williamsburg.” The actual footage won’t leave a good taste in your mouth with regard to the Times, but their manning up and actually cooperating with the show probably will.