Weekly Standard Sold; Is New York Post Next?


That’s what Politico blogger Ben Smith wonders. After this afternoon’s news that conservative Bill Kristol’s home-base periodical, the Weekly Standard, was sold by Rupert Murdoch to Clarity Media Group, Smith and other bloggers noted that the News Corp. head honcho seems to be “scrutinizing” his other money-losing assets. (Kristol, meanwhile, is expected to stay at the magazine.) The economy is such that even Murdoch, who now has a giant, right-leaning platform in the form of The Wall Street Journal, apparently rethought his ownership of the tiny trophy title. If that’s the case, it could be part of “what’s expected to be a longer retrenchment, with the fate of the New York Post evidently very much in play.”

Murdoch sells the Standard [Ben Smith/Politico]
Weekly Standard acquired by Washington Examiner parent company [Washington Examiner]