White House Press Corps Gets Robert Gibbs All Wet


In honor of President Obama’s Hawaiian roots, the White House hosted a luau for members of Congress and their families last night on the South Lawn. With a big energy bill set to be voted on today, Obama no doubt hoped that he could secure some extra votes with copious amounts of fun (and Mai Tais). Besides the traditional hula dancers, tiki torches, and delicious-sounding food, the event featured an always-entertaining dunk tank, for which Robert Gibbs and Rahm Emanuel, among others in the administration, volunteered. President Obama reportedly sent Emanuel into the water, and 8-year-old Sasha impressively followed suit with Gibbs. The shindig was closed to press, but not before they, too, were given the opportunity to take a few shots at Gibbs. Out of four reporters, only the AP’s Ben Feller and CBS’s Bill Plante hit their target, to much applause. Of course, they are now blacklisted from all future White House events.

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