Will Lunch With Warren Buffett Set You Back As Much This Year?


Every year Warren Buffett auctions off a lunch with himself at Smith & Wollensky in New York, to benefit the Glide Foundation, a San Francisco organization that provides housing, job training, health and child care, and meals for the poor. Last year the auction was won by Hong Kong investor Zhao Danyang, who will take a group of his friends along with him when he goes to the steakhouse with Buffett this week. The honor cost him $2.11 million. Before the auction started running yesterday, fund-raisers were worried it wouldn’t raise nearly the same amount this year, because, you know. Today the bidding is already at $50,000, which doesn’t sound like much, but apparently the price usually skyrockets in the last hours of bidding, according to Reuters. With so many people desperate for good advice these days, we imagine the auction will turn out just fine. After all, we did just find out this morning that Buffett just made a cool billion on Goldman Sachs. When you’re at lunch, though, try not to get nervous — Warren Buffett is on the record for not knowing what to do in ralph-related circumstances. Maybe this time, just skip the “Lobster Cocktail.”

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