A Bad Day for Birthers


Lets face it, every day is a bad day for birthers — their once-proud country is being run by a Kenyan-born fraud, and nobody cares! It’s like waking up in an episode of The Twilight Zone! But the past day must have been particularly disheartening for the movement. First, Hawaii checked out that birth certificate once more, because they’re getting inundated with calls and maybe they just misread it the first thousand times. But nope, it still says Obama was born in Hawaii. Then the House of Representatives passed a resolution stating that President Obama was born in Hawaii, an American state. And it passed unanimously, 378–0. Even the guy sponsoring the so-called Birther Bill voted for it, which seems odd. And Bill O’Reilly, who we would guess might be a favorite of some birthers, has personally debunked the conspiracy. But birthers can take comfort in knowing that they may yet have allies on Capitol Hill. As this video by Mike Stark shows, many Republican lawmakers would like to “see more evidence” or some such before they can be certain that Obama is American-born. Of course, other congressmen are so uncomfortable about taking a position on the issue that they will literally run away, at full speed, from the person asking about it — with hilarious consequences.