A Minority of Republicans Believe Obama Is a Natural-Born Citizen

Photo: Getty Images

The thing that scared us the most about the now-infamous video of birthers getting all rowdy at a congressman’s town-hall meeting was the realization of how widespread the belief in this conspiracy truly is. The crazy lady who wailed about getting her “country back” from this Kenyan-born illegal alien pretending to be president wasn’t shouted down or ignored — she was applauded. And no wonder — according to a shocking new Research2000/DailyKos poll, only 42 percent of Republicans accept that President Obama is a natural-born citizen. Twenty-eight percent say he definitely isn’t (and is therefore not a legitimate president), and 30 percent just can’t tell either way. In the country overall, 11 percent say Obama was born abroad, which, as Ben Smith notes, is about the same percentage of people who somehow still believe that Obama is a Muslim, despite … well, everything.

Poll: 28% of Republicans don’t believe Obama was born in U.S. [Ben Smith/Politico]