Ali Wise Opens Her Heart to Forgiveness, Ultimate Power


Yesterday was a dark one, you know the kind: Your Internet is down. The weather is terrible. The deli is out of whole wheat. And to top it all off, Stephen Baldwin’s world falls apart. But then the clouds part overnight, and you wake up to singing birds and one of those sunshiny mornings where even the hobos on First Avenue seem to have a spring in their step, and you think, “Today is a new day.”

We’re pretty sure socialite Ali Wise — who was arrested just a few weeks back for hacking into rival socialite Nina Freudenberger’s voice mail — is going through the same kind of epiphany right now, actually. Cityfile has picked up on Ali’s Palin-esque Twitter feed, and it seems that she’s ready for “forgiveness.” You hear that, Nina? Ali forgives you for having voice mail. If her choice of quotage is any indication, she also hopes that the heart-opening may annoy Nina and lead herself closer to ultimate power, but whatever. This is the closest socialites get to “Kumbaya.”

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