Andrew Cuomo’s Girlfriend Is a Drag Queen


Sandra Lee, the host of the Food Network show Semi-Homemade, loves her gays. She often calls herself a drag queen because of her blonde hair, big eyes, cheekbones, absurd costumes, and downright preposterous cleavage. Her brother is gay, and she has tons of gay friends. So when she was profiled by Out magazine, she brought one as an accessory. “We have a saying: No Gay Left Behind,” she told reporter Joshua David Stein. “We met at a party,” her gay explained. “I looked at her breasts and said, ‘They’re fabulous!’ and she said, ‘Aren’t they?’ and I asked, ‘Can I touch them?’” “I let him,” Lee said. “And then we went and danced.”

We like to imagine this is sort of how it happened with Andrew Cuomo. We’ve always imagined he was a, uh, dance man.