Barbara Corcoran Barks Up All Trees, Even Wrong Ones


In Jacob Bernstein's WWD profile of real-estate magnate Barbara Corcoran, we couldn't help but notice the constant repetition of a trope: that Babs relentlessly flirts with people, both verbally and physically. She jokes daringly with cameramen, grabs underlings' arms and asses, and pushes the envelope with language. Our favorite part, though, was when she hit on the reporter himself:

On three separate occasions, Corcoran grabs my legs and my arms and tells me how muscular I am. “Wow! Wow!” she says, all bright-eyed and amazed, as she feels my thigh. “I go to the gym three days a week and it’s the worst part of my day. How do you get like that? I wish I could do that.”

Oh, Barbara. Jacob is indeed cute and quite muscly, but we're pretty sure he won't be swayed by the wiles of a lady cougar.

Barbara Corcoran, the Jim Cramer of the Real Estate Business [WWD]