Barney Frank Hot and Dripping Wet


A couple of weeks ago, the people of Great Britain were scandalized when the wife of Sir John Sawers, the head of Britain’s spy agency MI6 — posted photos of him frolicking on the beach in a Speedo on Facebook. At first, everyone was upset because, they said, it was a security breach, but it soon became clear that it was their minds that had been compromised: You’re not supposed to see important people in tiny bathing suits! They look too human and flawed and vulnerable! Star has created an entire magazine around this concept. Which is why we expected to be mortified by this picture of Barney Frank, captured by a DealBreaker tipster, playing pool volleyball this past weekend. But, no. Dude looks pretty much exactly the same frolicking in a pool as he does on C-Span. Huh.

Questions for Barney Frank [DealBreaker]
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