Bloomberg Pulls Out the Yiddish


Meshugenah.” That’s how Mayor Bloomberg, during a radio interview earlier today, described the possibility that the State Senate could adjourn for their summer break without reinstating mayoral control of the school system. Such is the exasperation he feels right now — mere English words cannot suffice. Although he used a fair share of those, as well. “They say, ‘Oh, well, the administration won’t negotiate.’ This is just total bull,” he said. He also called out specific Democratic senators — opining that he used to think that Tom Duane and John Sampson, for example, were “smart guys.” And he suggested that Governor Paterson, only recently released from one Senate clusterfuck, start another one by forcing the Senate back into session until the bill is approved. “He can send the state troopers to drag them back, unless they’re out of the state,” he said. “And he should do that.” Which is all to say the guy is fired up. And he should be! The consequences of delaying the passage of this bill are almost too horrible to contemplate. But Bloomberg, bravely, dared to peer into this bleak future. “At least through this coming school year, the schools will function just fine,” he said. “The trouble is, we’ll get to that point in the future where they won’t, and the old stuff will start coming back.” Hmm. That … that actually doesn’t sound too dire, actually.

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