Breaking: Some Guys Who Work in Finance May Be Liars


You'd think, after everything that's happened this past year, that Wall Street would have learned a little something. That at least the younger generation, the generation that grew up with Mr. Rogers, that elected Obama, would value integrity, honesty, decency. But no. Dealbreaker has discovered a true crime: Some respondees to the annual horror show that is Fashion Meets Finance have misrepresented themselves on the event's RSVP list.

Tipsters reporting untruths wrote in from both Goldman Sachs:

I scanned the Goldman directory for these FMF people. Only two people from that list actually work for the firm, both of which overstated their salaries drastically.

and JPMorgan (the good bank!):

Many people are wildly overstating their positions and salaries. For example, [redacted] is not an investment manager, but rather "marketing support" (probably helps write the monthly employee newsletter) and likely doesn't make $200k-$300k as he claims. What a fraud.

Of course, it's possible these people haven't straight-up lied, but instead merely adjusted their salaries and positions using mark-to-market accounting (after all, they do have jobs, and in this market, that counts for something).

Event founder Jeremy Abelson freely admits "there's a lot of bogus people" on the RSVP list. But he assures Daily Intel that the event itself will be regulated. To get in, "You have to show a valid I.D., and a business card," he told us via speakerphone today. "If it says you're in marketing at a financial-services company, you'll be rejected at the door, because that's not a finance job." That's also why Steve Aoki, a D.J. and the son of Rocky Aoki, appears to have been rejected by the site, despite his considerable wealth. "In the New York dating scene, the men of finance are the lions, and the women of fashion are the trophies," said Abelson. "We have to maintain the purity of the genetic lines."

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