Colin Powell Is His Usual Levelheaded Self


On Larry King Live last night, potential New Most Trusted Person Colin Powell was asked about the whole Gatesgate controversy. Much like President Obama, he sees this as a teachable moment, and, also like President Obama eventually did, Powell spreads the blame around. Skip Gates “should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal,” Powell said. As a rule in life in general, people should cooperate with a police officer trying to do his job. But the Cambridge police were also at fault. “I would have thought … that some adult supervision would have stepped in and said, ‘Okay, look, it is his house, come on. Let’s not take this any further. Take the handcuffs off. Goodnight, Dr. Gates.’” That all sounds pretty reasonable to us. Though we’re not sure how black Americans will receive Powell’s advice to just “suck it up” in the face of prejudice — you know, like Jackie Robinson did 60 years ago.