‘Corporate America Is Knocking at My Door,’ Says Gwyneth


A lot of people would do anything to have an offer from Corporate America right now. They'd travel long distances and wait in long lines, feet squeezed into special career shoes, hoping to God that the human-resources representative at the career fair won't notice the applesauce crust on their sleeve or take an immediate dislike to them because of the mole underneath their left eyebrow. Not Gwyneth Paltrow. Opportunity comes to her. "Corporate America is knocking at my door," the actress told People proudly last night. Said corporations want to get involved with her website, Goop, offering her free stuff and piles of money, and guess what? Gwyneth just turned it down cold.

"People want me to do all this other stuff. But right now, I just really love doing the site. I love thinking about the letters, what I’m going to write about, what kind of information we can put in there."

That's integrity, is what that is. No, wait, sorry, that's bragging and self-promotion — integrity is something else.

Gwyneth Paltrow on GOOP: “Corporate America is Knocking On My Door!” [StyleWatch/People]