David Paterson: ‘I’m Having Nightmares About the Senate.’


At the Rush Philanthropic Art for Life East Hampton benefit over the weekend, we asked David Paterson if he’s had any time to relax this summer. “The only relaxation I’ve had is when I’m asleep,” he moaned. “And even then I’m having nightmares about the senate.” We could understand the feeling — for a while there, it felt like the senate shenanigans were a nightmare that the entire state was forced to undergo. “It is like a high school, and it’s kind of a shame, because people expect better,” Paterson said. “The worst thing that can ever happen to people is when their conduct is unacceptable, but [the senators] don’t even know it.”

Of course, this particular nightmare will pass, and we’re not worried that Paterson doesn’t know how to have fun in the summertime. But now that he has leaders of several major unions discussing ditching him and throwing their weight behind another Democratic candidate in the 2010 elections, we’re beginning to think he’s going to have a relatively sleepless fall.

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