Disgraced Hoboken Mayor Finally Steps Down

Photo: AP

After a week of denying that he would step down as mayor of Hoboken, even after he was arrested for accepting $25,000 in bribes as part of a massive New Jersey corruption sweep, Hoboken mayor Peter Cammarano agreed yesterday that it might be a good idea to do so. This morning he made his resignation official, and apologized to his constituents. “I apologize to the residents of Hoboken for the disruption and disappointment this case has caused,” he said in a letter to the City Clerk. Cammarano, who was only in office for 23 days before the arrest, still maintains his innocence. “It became clear in the past six or seven days that, given the controversy surrounding his case, he could not perform his duties,” his lawyer said. “It was injurious to Hoboken government for him to stay in there.” We’re hoping that, with his newfound free time, Cammarano (who is kind of cute, by the way!) will have more time to update his Twitter. It was always a great little peek into the wonderful nightlife of Hoboken.