Doormen Don’t Always Have Your Back


The blog Angry Asian Man posted a video over the weekend in which one of his readers (also Asian, also angry) got in a physical brawl a couple of months ago with a drunk white dude in the lobby of the building 63 Wall Street, where they both happened to live. “I was out getting some ice cream late at night at the corner store when I was approached by a big drunk guy who asked me if I was Korean,” writes the victim. “He went on to tell me that his wife is Korean so he ‘knows all about Koreans.’ I tried to humor him and nod but he started getting offensive saying that Koreans get pushed around all the time but never fight back. Then he started telling me all Korean parents are insane.” Soon after, though the victim tried to leave, the aggressor attacked him by punching him in the face. The victim tried to escape by going into his own building, but he was followed. What resulted was a sloppy brawl that is caught on the video here, in which the drunk guy is quickly subdued by the victim (now the victor) with mixed martial arts. What’s notable is not the general kickassery (the victim, a lawyer, has also filed a lawsuit) but the fact that the doorman apparently does nothing to stop the attack, and residents of the building actually step over the fight on the way inside. This would be a big sad story if it weren’t for the feistiness of the guy who was attacked.

crazy drunk fool picks a fight with the wrong guy [Angry Asian Man via Awl]