Ethics Report Investigating Sarah Palin Ethics Defense Strategy Discovers Problem


To the Alaska governor’s credit, this stuff really does seem to be never-ending. The ethics charges that, Sarah Palin complained, forced her to quit her job are still ongoing, the most recent hurdle being a report that says she probably shouldn’t use any of the money she’s raised through her legal defense fund. An independent analysis by the state personnel board said that Palin, who is facing some $500,000 in legal fees, can’t use her fame as a politician to raise money for a private purpose, because that’s basically accepting improper gifts under Alaskan law. The report suggested that Palin ask the state for reimbursement instead. The analysis is preliminary and doesn’t constitute any kind of legal ruling. In fact, on her Twitter, Palin called an AP account an “inaccurate story.” But if it does go through, we see this as a win-win for her. Alaska taxpayers will have to foot the bill, which would give credence to her argument that she had to resign to save them money and trouble (she’s had trouble backing it up so far). And then she can save all that legal defense money for when she’s a private citizen — and she starts really speaking her mind. We get the feeling she might need it.

Preliminary Report Questions Palin Legal Defense Fund [NYT]